Top Christmas boxing gift ideas

Dec 15, 2021

With Christmas around the corner it's time to take a look at gift ideas for the boxing fan in your life.

When looking for the perfect present, the great news is there is something for every age and level of boxer - not to mention every price range.

Here we share eight of our favourite products that we just know will make the perfect addition to any Christmas tree or stocking.

Advanced-level boxing gloves

Bring big cat energy to your loved one's boxing training with the Bravose Felis Onca glove.

Multi-layered padding complements the restricted hinge movement around the wrist, and a leather attachment provides added thumb protection. 

Authentic premium leather, lace up fastenings and a custom comfort inner lining will ensure they always come out top of the food chain, in even the toughest of conditions.


- Outside: Top grain premium cowhide leather with lace up fastening
- Inside: 100% polyester with hand moulded multi-layered padding including EVA and memory foam
- Designed for: Advanced boxers for sparring and fighting

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Entry-level boxing gloves

Help your loved one remind their opponent that they’re a mere mortal with the Bravose Skull boxing glove.

The bold and uncompromising design of these 100% resistant PU synthetic leather gloves will set anyone apart from the crowd.

They can strap themselves in with the hook and loop Velcro, and enjoy ultimate comfort and protection from the advanced padding and super soft lining.


- Outside: 100% resistant PU synthetic leather with traditional hook and loop Velcro strap
- Inside: 100% polyester with IMF mould
- Designed for: Entry-level boxers for bag and sparring work

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Youngsters' boxing gloves

Children live and love without fear, and now your little loved one can box without fear, thanks to the Bravose Fearless boxing glove range.

Designed to give smaller hands unrivalled protection, these gloves are made with an advanced mould foam and extra thumb protection. 

The hook and loop fastening combines ease of use with a snug fit to keep gloves firmly in place, while the high-quality PU synthetic leather finish comes in a range of metallic colourways.


- Outside: PU synthetic leather with hook and loop Velcro strap
- Inside: 100% polyester with IMF mould
- Designed for: Young entry-level boxers for bag and sparring work

Fearless range

Focus mitts

Let your loved one learn to make every punch count with the Bravose Elite focus mitts, in premium white leather with a breathable mesh layer.

The super comfortable pads absorb the force of every strike, spreading impact evenly across the large surface area, while the firm inner grip and added wrist support give unrivalled protection.

A trainer’s best friend, curved impact optimisation serves to create a loud noise upon connection, leaving them in no doubt that they have hit the mark.


- Breathable mesh layer
- Flexible and easily adjustable Velcro strapping
- Curved impact optimisation

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Head guard

Protect your loved one's head with the rigourously tested Bravose Armour head guard in premium black leather. 

The V-Impact shock-absorbent foam padding in this lightweight head guard will cradle and cushion the most sensitive areas of the head without limiting airflow.

There's full range of vision with the easy-to-adjust hook and loop Velcro strap and interior friction grip technology creating a snug, custom-like fit.


- 2.5cm depth V-Impact shock-absorbent foam padding
- Hook and loop Velcro straps
- Interior friction grip technology

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Skipping rope

Give your loved one the gift of strength and endurance as they burn calories with the Bravose premium quality leather skipping rope. 

The thick and durable 9ft rope is fully adjustable making it perfect for any height, while the swivel technology ensures no tangles or kinks. 

Ideal for jumpers at all levels, the ergonomic handles are crafted from quality wood with a traction control system for the ultimate grip.


- Made from genuine leather
- Customisable to the perfect length
- Comfortable wooden handles

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Hand wraps

Support your loved one in the fight to protect knuckles, thumbs and wrists with the Bravose hand wraps.

Built to be on the front line, these 4.5m hand wraps are constructed for support and designed for long-lasting performance. 

Featuring thumb lock loops, Velcro fastening and a hook and loop closure, the wraps are easy to apply with precision, while the soft premium stretch cotton blend ensures the ultimate in comfort. 


- 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
- 4.5m long
- Machine wash cold; do not tumble dry

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Mouth guard

Make sure your loved one's fight has bite with the Bravose mouth guard.

They can enjoy the feeling of protection given by the robust latex-free material, and focus all their attention on boxing. 

Providing optimal shock absorption and a personalised fit, each mouthguard comes with a free case so it can be safely and hygienically stored.


- Robust latex-free material
- Personalised fit
- Comes with free case

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