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Protect Yourself From Punches With The Best Headguard

Are you looking for a head guard with highest quality?
If yes, our boxing head guard will keep you safe, both during practice sessions and competitions. Made with premium-quality leather, the head guard will help you to remain safe for the longest possible time. the inner lining is breathable and soft that won’t cause rashes on your skin. Plus, these are lightweight, so you won’t have to feel like tons of bricks have been put on your head. Therefore, you won’t have to worry much when it comes to our boxing head guard.

Why Should You Get A Boxing Head guard?

1. The boxing head guard will protect your head and facial bones from the punches of your opponent. Therefore, it will help you play safely while keeping your face intact.
2. Since our head guards are padded with foam, you won’t have to worry about feeling anything hard resting on your hard.
3. With soft and smooth internal lining, our boxing headguard won’t cause abrasion or scratch marks on your skin, thereby keeping you safe all the time.
4. We have ensured to choose boxing head guard made from breathable materials. Therefore, the ventilation will remain optimum and you won’t sweat much or feel hot.
5. The materials with which the headguards are made are hypoallergenic. So, even if your skin is extremely sensitive, you can easily enjoy your boxing practice after wearing our boxing head guard.

Get Boxing Head Guard At Comparative Prices From Bravose!

If you are looking for boxing head guard at comparative prices but not at the compromise of function and quality, Bravose headguard will be the best choice for you.