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Different Glove Types are Available

The team of designers at our company has researched the different types of winning boxing gloves with the top boxers in the field. After careful evaluation, we have found specific types as the common ones and offer them to clients here.
• Training gloves- One of the best boxing gloves everyone requires is the training gloves, which users can try out for daily gym use. This boxing glove works equally well for heavy bag hitting and sparring. So, people use these small boxing gloves and pads for comprehensive training.

Bag gloves- The bag gloves are heavy-duty versions that boxers can use on heavier bags. They have a light structure with smaller built and include less padding. This allows for better control over movements while hitting the bag.
• Competition gloves- One of the most small fly boxing gloves is commonly used for competitions. They are useful during real boxing ring maxes and have a smaller build than sparring/training gloves. Since the weight and size of this boxing gear option are small, the wearer can give faster punches and have a better movement range.

• Sparring gloves- Sparring gloves have some similarities with the training glove type but include more padding. This allows better protection for the fighter and their sparring partner.
• MMA Boxing gloves- These boxing gloves and pads are suitable for the mixed martial arts-based boxing style. The gloves here are made in a smaller structure and have a lighter build. The wrist and knuckle areas do not have as much padding, and movements in the ring are much easier to control while using the lace-up boxing gloves.

Best Quality Structure in Use

Our team offers a wide variety of boxing gear to clients compared to the ones mentioned here. In this context, we have heavily prioritized the product's quality, focusing on specific parts for the build.
• Material- The best boxing gloves are made of specific materials, each providing different user benefits. For example, leather boxing gloves are durable but require consistent maintenance, while fabric-based ones are lightweight but not very protective.
• Padding- When choosing the best boxing gloves, consider the padding inside. The common styles include gel padding for high-impact training, foam padding for improved flexibility during sparring/training, and multi-layer padding for improved durability.

Why Choose Us?

Selecting the best quality leathe boxing gloves
and pads
is important to ensure the players' experience is good. So, we
prioritize creating long-lasting and comfortable leathe boxing gear in
different styles, colors, etc.

If you want properly checked and well-designed
boxing gloves for daily or specific event usage, Bravose
is one of the best sources of high-quality product stock. You can check out our
diverse options to find the right boxing glove for your hands. Indeed, visit
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Get Top-Quality Equipment for Your Next Boxing Bout

Multiple sports options are available that
involve high-intensity performance. In these cases, the participants also
require suitable equipment and accessories to help them safely manage the

Boxing is one of the most intensive sports
styles available; thus, the Boxing gloves UK we offer are also
top-quality. With high-grade cushioning and outer material, our leather
boxing gloves
are comfortable, smooth, and strong. Make your choice after
careful evaluation of different options.


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