Boxing gloves for entry-level fighters

by Kate Rosindale on Sep 15, 2021

Boxing gloves for entry-level fighters

For a huge range of boxing glove choices for all levels of boxer, from beginner to mid-level to advanced, Bravose has got every eventuality covered.

When researching your next pair of boxing gloves, it is key to consider the level at which you are fighting. This will guarantee you end up spending the right amount of money on your new gloves. It will also ensure you have an appropriate level of protection and comfort. 

Entry-level boxers simply do not need to spend the big bucks to get what they need from their boxing gloves.

Here we take you through the Bravose range of boxing gloves for entry-level fighters.

Be the original ruler with Titan Grip

One of our prestigious first designs, the Titan Grip glove is a battle-tested classic.

Premium black leather with gold detail and a uniquely-designed lock strap will set you apart from your adversaries.

The perfect glove for aspiring boxers needing robust protection, a breathable design and soft lining will deliver comfort throughout your training.

Featuring EVA and memory foam, the durable multi-layered mould gives added protection for thumbs and fists, keeping you fighting for a long time to come.


Put your best foot forward with Elite

Push yourself beyond boundaries with the Elite glove.

Featuring a dual hook and look Velcro strap, these genuine cowhide leather gloves give added support for the ultimate in safe bag and sparring practise.

The slick design provides the perfect fit while the soft inner lining and breathable mesh of the glove will help you perform in pure comfort.

If you’re looking to take your training up a notch, the Elite glove will get you there.


Be their downfall with Nemesis

Learn to become your opponent's inescapable downfall with the Nemesis boxing glove.

While you defeat your enemies, the IMF mould delivers premium injury protection and the super soft lining enhances comfort.

Enjoy easy on-and-off application with the secure hook and loop Velcro strap, plus relish the extra protection for wrists and thumbs.

The 100% resistant PU leather finish comes in three stunning colourways, allowing you to pick your rival’s poison and leave a mark they won’t forget.


Deliver bone-crunching blows with Skull

Remind your opponent they’re a mere mortal with the Skull boxing glove.

Strap yourself in with the hook and loop Velcro, and enjoy ultimate protection against bone-crunching blows from the advanced padding and super soft lining.

It’s all about the detail with extra wrist support and thumb protection delivered through restricting movement.

The bold and uncompromising design of these 100% resistant PU leather gloves will ensure nobody leaves the ring with the notion of immortality.


Lead by example with Alpha

Grow to be a leader in the ring with the Alpha glove.

Crafted from PU synthetic leather designed to be as tough as you are, the hook and loop Velcro strap will give a super snug fit.

Express your individuality by choosing your favourite colourway from a range of four eye-catching designs.

Advanced padding and a soft lining cushion the fists, thumbs and wrists from heavy impact, putting you out front in the race for success.


Brace for battle with Armour

Feel like you’re wearing full-body protection every time you step into the ring with the Armour glove.

As you seek to up your boxing skills, stay safe in these PU synthetic leather gloves built on a multi-layer mould.

Designed to fit perfectly, these PU synthetic leather gloves boast top-notch padding for robust protection.

With a hook and loop Velcro strap for added support and easy on-and-off application, unrivalled comfort comes from the soft inner lining and advanced thumb security.