Tips for punching bag workout - a beginner's guide

by Kate Rosindale on Feb 15, 2019

Tips for punching bag workout - a beginner's guide

Punching bag workout is highly demanding and requires great physical strength. It is a fast paced and high intensity training exercise. Punching bag workout builds the punching power of an individual and it also helps to improve the metabolic rate of the body. Most boxers and kick-boxers derived their body physique by pounding punching bag.

There are several benefits of punching bag workouts but if not properly done it can lead to serious injury.

Punching bag workouts tips

It is very important to take all safety precautions into consideration before you start working-out with the punching bag. The will enable you to have a productive session without sustaining any injury. The following tips will help you to prepare properly for your bag work-out.

Use Hand Wraps

Hitting the bag is the most important thing when it comes to achieving long term positive results. The first thing to do when preparing to hit the punching bag is to apply wraps to the knuckles up to the wrist area. The wraps are designed to provide support and protect the hand and wrist area. Hand-wrapping also help to absorb the impact of punching. Hitting the bag without wraps could over time lead to hand and wrist damage. And it can also cause osteoarthritis in later years.

Right Bag gloves

After wrapping, put on boxing gloves that fit perfectly to your hand and that are suitable for your specific purpose. Beginners and individuals who want to perfect their techniques should use lighter boxing gloves on the punching bag. Heavier boxing gloves are used by experienced and stronger when preparing for fight.

Shadow boxing

This simply means throwing some punches into the thin air before starting on the punching bag. Shadow boxing should be followed by some joint rotation exercises. This is to prepare the body for the physical demands of punching bag.

Begin light

Begin with a light two to three minutes round. Surround the punching bag and throw light punches with good technique. It is always better to go light as this will help you to maintain your form all through the session. Starting with an incorrect technique can lead to injury.

Always use the correct technique

You should always keep it in mind that whenever you’re hitting the bag, you must use the right technique. Hitting the bag without the correct technique will not only lead to injury but also hinder your progress.

Stand at the right distance

Standing too close to the bag will result in a pushing motion and this will achieve minimal result. Also, when you distance yourself from the bag minimal contact will be made. By standing at the right distance you will create room for a near full extension as you hit the bag with your punches.

Breathe correctly when hitting the bag

Ensure you breathe correctly when hitting the punching bag. Try to exhale while throwing punches so as to ensure a continuous supply of oxygen to the body. Exhaling also helps to reduce the chance of thoracic pressure.

Health Benefits of Punching bag workouts

  •        It improve the body stability and coordination
  •        Improves on aerobic fitness
  •        It improves on your stamina and endurance
  •        It improves boxing techniques
  •        It helps to build the strength of the upper part of the body
  •        Develops self-defense and builds self-esteem
  •        It improves the body shape

Deference between punching bag workout and focus mitt workout

Punching bag workouts are usually carried by individuals who are not necessarily a boxer or kick-boxer. Punching bags are can be part of the exercising equipments in home gym. Punching bag workouts are usually carried out basically for their health benefits.

But on the other hand, 

Focus mitt workouts are flexible training methods for anyone who wants to improve on his or her boxing skills. The workouts are designed to help individual to develop fighting strategy, defense technique, fighting reflexes and punching technique. They also help to provide intellectual stimulation towards becoming a better boxer.

Focus mitt workouts are ideal for developing punching accuracy, timing, style and strategy. Boxers’ uses focus mitt workouts to improve on their speed and power. Some mitt workouts can also be used to improve footwork, coordination, reduce stress and to counter the styles of opponents.