When to replace your boxing gear

by Kate Rosindale on Mar 15, 2020

When to replace your boxing gear - Bravose

At Bravose we are all about helping you to get the most from your boxing gear.

There is no doubt that investing in the best you can afford is key to getting value for money with the durability of your boxing equipment. This is why we create quality, hard-wearing products that can last the distance at a wide range of price points.  

On top of this we are always happy to share tips and tricks around the topic of how to look after your gear and make sure it is kept it in tip-top condition. If you are diligent and you care about your equipment, there is no doubt it can last even longer.

Eventually, though, there is going to come a time when your boxing gloves, hand wraps and head guard will have all paid their dues and be more than ready to go into retirement.

Here we take a look at how to maximise your boxing gear’s lifespan and shine a light on the tell-tale signs of when the time is right to upgrade.

Boxing gloves

Your boxing gloves are going to take the brunt of your hard work and one day they may well have the stuffing knocked out of them (hopefully, just like your opponents).

If you start to feel a reduction in protection, particularly around your knuckles, it is a sign that the padding is starting to wear thin. Another sure-fire way to tell your gloves may be past their best is when wear and tear start to show in the outer layer of material.

If you notice either of these issues you do not want to keep going and take any chances. That is because once this protection has been compromised you will be at risk of hand, thumb or wrist injury.

A good ballpark figure to go with is 100 rounds for each pair of boxing gloves. In other words, if you are using them twice a week then you will be looking at updating your boxing gloves once a year.

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Boxing hand wraps

Hand wraps are another key component in the fight to protect your hands and knuckles, so regular updates are essential.

While Bravose hand wraps are built to be on the front line, constructed for support and designed for long-lasting performance, they will be in direct contact with your skin, which can lead to a multitude of hygiene issues.

To maximise their lifespan, always put clean hand wraps on clean hands. Having more than one set of hand wraps will mean you can rotate them and get each lot sparkling before their next use. This will give you the best chance to keep them smelling fresh for as long as possible, and in turn will help protect your gloves.

You can work at around six months per set of hand wraps, but the signs that they’re ready for retirement will include a faded colour – or white wraps turning grey – plus any lingering nasty scents or snags and tears in the material.

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Head guards

While your head guard won’t take the same volume of contact as your boxing gloves, it is protecting something arguably even more precious than your hands.

For these protection reasons, we would again recommend updating this vital piece of equipment after 100 rounds.

Again, the length of time your head guard will last will vary depending on how well you care for it. If you clean it regularly and let it air dry, you will find get infinitely more time out of your head guard than if you toss it straight in your kit bag and don’t take it out again until your next training session.

So use your head and take the time to care for your head guard, so that in time it can keep caring for you.

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