Boxing for beginners – everything you need to get started

von {{ author }} Kate Rosindale an May 15, 2022

Boxing for beginners – everything you need to get started - Bravose

One of the things we love about boxing here at Bravose is that it is a relatively easy and not too expensive sport for beginners to take up from scratch.

When you are starting out there is no need to feel like you will have to invest in all the latest gadgets and gizmos, like some experienced boxers or even some newbies might have you believe. 

The key for beginner boxers is to ensure you focus on having the right equipment to protect and condition your body.

This will help to maintain your safety and allow you to concentrate your attention on training to the very best of your ability.

We have put together this guide to help budding new boxers in the making to identify which bits of kit are vital to developing in the sport.

Best boxing gloves for beginners

Let’s start with the most obvious item, the best boxing gloves for beginners.

You will most certainly want to invest in a high-quality pair of gloves. Not only do they protect your hands overall, but they will also offer specific protection for sensitive areas including your thumbs and even your wrists. 

There are two kinds of the best boxing gloves for beginners to choose from: bag gloves or sparring gloves. Which you choose will depend entirely on whether you intend to train with a partner or without a partner.

If you decide to train without a partner, then bag gloves will protect your hands while you punch away at a heavy bag.

On the flip side sparring gloves – as the name suggests – are perfect for fighting with a training partner.


Hand wraps

Hand wraps will ensure a much-needed additional layer of security for all the tiny bones in your hands and your wrists.

In particular, when they are put on correctly, hand wraps can provide that all-important extra protection for your knuckles.

Using hand wraps is also a great way to extend the life of your boxing gloves, by protecting the interior from the sweat that would otherwise seep straight into your gloves.

Hand wraps come in many sizes and styles. Bravose hand wraps are built to be on the front line. The 4.5m hand wraps are constructed for support and designed for long-lasting performance.

Featuring thumb lock loops, Velcro fastening and a hook and loop closure, the wraps are easy to apply with precision, while the soft premium stretch cotton blend ensures the ultimate in comfort.


Boxing head guard

A quality boxing head guard could be absolutely essential if you plan to train with a partner.

Again, there are many different designs from which the beginner boxer can choose.

All of Bravose’s head guards are rigorously tested and designed to protect you while keeping style at the forefront of your mind.

Featuring shock-absorbent foam padding, our lightweight head guards cradle and cushion the most sensitive areas of the head without limiting airflow.

The easy-to-adjust hook and loop Velcro strap and interior friction grip technology create a snug, custom-like fit, meaning full range of vision can always be maintained.


Boxing mouth guard

Other than the ubiquitous boxing glove, arguably the most important piece of boxing equipment for beginners is a mouth guard.

Again this will be required for training with a partner, when a mouth guard will not only protect your teeth from being knocked out, but also help to stop your lips splitting open should you happen to take a blow to the face.

It is possible to purchase a bog standard mouth guard extremely cheaply, but here at Bravose we believe that spending just a few more pounds in this area is definitely worth it.

Take our Bravose mouth guard, which provides an unbeatable feeling of protection thanks to the robust latex-free material. 

Providing optimal shock absorption and a personalised fit, each mouthguard comes with a free case so it can be safely and hygienically stored.


Skipping rope

Skipping is a savvy addition to the workout regime of anyone who wants to improve their cardiovascular performance.

However this schoolground pastime really comes into its own for beginner boxers when you consider the improvements that skipping can bring to your power, coordination and even mindset.

The Bravose premium quality leather skipping rope will do all of this by allowing you to build strength and endurance, burn calories, and improve your boxing skill.

The thick and durable 9ft rope is fully adjustable making it perfect for any height, while the swivel technology ensures no tangles or kinks.

Ideal for jumpers at all levels, the ergonomic handles are crafted from quality wood with a traction control system for the ultimate grip.