How to build your own home boxing gym

von {{ author }} Kate Rosindale an May 15, 2020

How to build your own home boxing gym - Bravose

Maybe building your very own boxing gym at home is something you are actively planning to do, or maybe it is something you have never even considered as an option. Either way, creating your own dedicated space for boxing training could be more achievable than you ever dreamed possible.

Whether you have the luxury of space – such as a free spare room, a cellar or a garage – or your boxing workout zone will be a more minimal affair, there are plenty of options to get your rounds in.

With just a few key elements and pieces of equipment, and the right mentality to train hard, adapt and be disciplined, you will be able to make the most of any amount of space. Check out our tips below to get started.


It will be important for your joint health to have some sort of padded flooring on which to do your workouts. This could be a set of foam jigsaw mats you buy purposefully for the job, or simply your existing carpet. The key thing is to have some sort of shock-absorbing material underfoot.


Take a look at what space you have available and make a plan of what you will realistically be able to do in it. A key question to ask is whether you have a suitable ceiling to hang a bag from. If yes, go for it. If no, simply change focus to training with a freestanding bag instead.


If you go for a hanging heavy bag, you will need to pick the right weight. The general rule is the bag should be about half your body weight. Too light and it will swing excessively if you throw powerful punches; too heavy and it will be hard to practise the wider range of boxing skills.


If you opt for a freestanding bag then you will benefit from the ease of not having to install it, plus you can move the bag around as and when you like. Many freestanding bags are more suited to light but quick punches, and the key attribute will be its ability to stay standing.


A speed bag can be a useful addition to your home boxing gym. It will enable you to hone your hand-eye co-ordination, punching speed and reflexes. It is also one heck of a workout for the arms and shoulders, building your strength and stamina at the same time.


You should never hit a bag without protecting your hands first. Even if you’re shadow boxing, gloves will add extra weight for a better workout. And don’t forget to always wear hand wraps underneath your boxing gloves to protect you from impact, and your gloves from sweat.

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One of the best value and most versatile workouts available, skipping is the perfect activity for a home boxing gym. Follow our guide to see how skipping can improve your fitness and skill in the boxing ring. Don’t have a rope? Pick one up from the Bravose shop from as little as £6.99. 

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Everything above has covered the ‘what’ when it comes to a home boxing gym, but just as important is the ‘how’. There are thousands of online tutorials on the basics – like your boxing stance, footwork and punches – plus plenty available for when it comes to working out with a boxing bag.