Skip to it: How skipping can improve your fitness and skill in the boxing ring

von {{ author }} Kate Rosindale an Feb 15, 2020

Skip to it: How skipping can improve your fitness and skill in the boxing ring - Bravose

Skipping in everyday life is rarely a good thing. 

Skip school or work and you will end up behind the curve, and in a whole world of trouble if you get found out. Skip a queue and you are putting a target on your back for those etiquette-lovers who just have to live by our great British tradition for lining up.

But, as far as boxing training goes, skipping is most definitely a good thing.

In fact, skipping is a savvy addition to the workout regime of anyone who wants to improve their cardiovascular performance. According to one study, skipping for ten minutes per day produced the same cardiovascular benefits over six weeks as jogging daily for 30 minutes, making it one of the most efficient exercises available.

For boxers, this schoolground pastime really comes into its own when you consider the improvements that skipping can bring to your power, coordination and even mindset.

Building stamina and endurance through skipping will help you in the late stages of each round, and the late rounds of each fight. Instead of just trying to survive and get back to your corner to recover, this conditioning exercise will enable you to focus on hurting your opponent until the dying seconds.

As you spend more time skipping and become more accomplished at timing the turning of your wrists and jumping, you will be increasing your ability to time punches and stay balanced. In addition, you will become more adept at moving your feet quickly, allowing you to move efficiently in the ring and throw crisp, clean, heavy punches from a solid base.

Even better, skipping has to be one of the best value and most versatile workouts available.

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Once you’ve invested in your skipping rope you will just need a suitable location - meaning a surface with a bit of give to reduce impact, and a space with enough room that you are not going to hit anybody or anything as you whip the rope around.

Next you need to make sure you set your posture correctly. Start with your back and head straight and eyes looking straight ahead. Your arms should be at a 45-degree angle with elbows in. Grip the rope handles with your thumbs on top and handles parallel to the floor, and rotate from the wrists rather than the shoulders. With knees soft and slightly bent, feet together but not touching, and weight balanced lightly on the balls of your feet, you will only need to jump less than an inch off the ground. Be sure to keep your core engaged throughout.

Once you’re confident in your posture and technique, it’s time to get the basics down. The bounce step is a two-footed up and down jump, while the alternate-foot step is essentially running on the spot. From there you can start to mix things up and try out moves such as high knees, skier jumps, foot crosses or backward jumps. Beyond this, lots of skipping moves can be upgraded so that you swing the rope two or more times underneath you before you land.

The key thing to remember is that skipping should never, ever be boring. There is so much scope to be creative and ensure you are constantly pushing and challenging your fitness and skill – and this will only see you reap rewards when it comes to stepping in the ring. So what are you waiting for? Skip to it.

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