Swarmz chooses Bravose boxing gloves for KSI fight

von {{ author }} Kate Rosindale an Sep 15, 2022

Swarmz chooses Bravose boxing gloves for KSI fight

Rapper Swarmz chose to wear Bravose boxing gloves for his recent fight against YouTube star KSI.

Swarmz, whose real name is Brendan Scott, made a valiant effort in the ring, despite being a last-minute replacement for Alex Wassabi, who was forced to pull out of the fight with just three weeks to go, due to a nasty concussion.

Indeed, after just two weeks of boxing training, Swarmz had struggled at the weigh-in ahead of the bout, which took place on Saturday 27 August at a packed out O2 Arena in London

But after scraping past the cruiserweight limit, Swarmz came out fighting with a ring walk set to a recently-written KSI diss track.

While the pair had once been good friends they turned into bitter enemies over arguments with the promotion of their single Houdini, which they recorded together in 2020.

Not only did Swarmz have his much more practised rival to contend with, he was given a negative reception by the crowd, and loudly booed throughout the event.

Swarmz was under pressure from the first bell but was able to beat the 10 count to make it through the first round. Sadly KSI’s experience was enough to see off Swarmz, who was stopped in the second round.

After KSI had him down again within seconds, the bout was waved off. Swarmz could hold his head high as his opponent congratulated him on a solid effort based on just days’ worth of training.

Following the fight, Swarmz was forced to reject claims he was paid to lose, instead saying he believed he was a born winner who could have shocked the world and pulled off a huge upset.

In his first YouTube video after the bout, Swarmz said: "Everyone was asking me if I did it for money or if I threw the fight on purpose.

"Literally I went into the fight thinking I could win, I am a born winner. People doubt me every single time, they laugh at me and always chat shit about me and I find myself in these tough situations doing a madness so I thought I could do a miracle again.”

However it soon became clear to Swarmz on the night that this would be no easy feat.

"I stepped in the ring I am not going to lie I felt one of his punches and I said 'yo my man has been working hard'.

“I have seen that he is going to be getting lots of training and he even said to me 'you did your thing and I couldn't knock you out first round'.

“But yeah I am not going to lie it is serious, it is a hard thing but I am a born winner and I will bounce back."