The new boxer’s guide to getting kitted out

von {{ author }} Kate Rosindale an Nov 15, 2019

Getting started out with a new hobby or sport always has the potential to become an expensive exercise. There can be cash for classes, membership fees to fork out for - and depending on your dedication you could even be paying for books, magazines, online subscriptions and apps based around your new pastime.   All of this before you have even considered whether you have the right clothing and equipment to be ready to start something new. Luckily, here at Bravose we believe the pennies shouldn’t get in the way of your passion. So if boxing is your new thing, you have come to the right place - because we love boxing and punch after punch we want you to grow to love it too. Bravose Bundle Deals are the ideal way to start what we hope will be your long-lasting love affair with the beautiful sport of boxing. Purchase a Bundle Deal and you will be guaranteeing you have everything needed to protect you, so you can get on with the task of perfecting your fitness and technique. For our best value option look no further than the Armour™ Premium Quality Leather Boxing Gloves, Pads and Head Guard Bundle Deal. Priced at just £65.99 instead of £99.95 - and with FREE UK delivery - you will get the Armour™ Premium Quality Boxing Gloves for Bag and Sparring, the Armour™ Premium Quality Focus Mitts, and the Armour™ Premium Quality Head Guard.   Here we take a look at why this equipment is a match made in heaven for the new fighter.

Armour™ Premium Quality Boxing Gloves for Bag and Sparring

Designed to fit perfectly, these gloves give you the comfort and durability that you want as a boxing newbie. With a hook and loop Velcro strap, plus a multi-layer handmade mould, these gloves will support you as you get started in the ring. This quality boxing glove is perfect for bag and sparring, and offers advanced padding for wrist support, plus extra thumb protection so you won’t pick up any injuries during those early days in training.

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Armour™ Premium Quality Focus Mitts

These focus mitts are the perfect addition to a new boxer’s starter kit list. Designed with curved impact optimisation, our boxing pads create a connection noise that will help you learn to understand when you’ve hit the target. We want you to have these mitts for a long time, so a mesh layer allows breathability to ensure they remain hygienic as you progress. The firm inner grim and added wrist support means the pads will remain firmly placed as you focus on developing your technique.

Time to focus - how to choose the best boxing pads  

Armour™ Premium Quality Head Guard

  If you are new to boxing you will soon find out that a reliable and high-quality head guard is a must. This is a securely fitting head guard that offers support and protection to help avoid injury in training, something you do not want to experience while starting out. Have a clear view and no distractions as you develop your skill, thanks to a wide visual range and a friction grip that stops the head guard moving.

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Looking to spend a little more on your starter kit? Check out the Elite™ Premium Quality Real Leather Boxing Gloves, Pads and Head Guard for £79.99 including UK delivery.