The ultimate Christmas gift guide for boxers and boxing fans

von {{ author }} Kate Rosindale an Nov 15, 2022

The ultimate Christmas gift guide for boxers and boxing fans

Whoever you are shopping for this festive period – from a little one just starting out in boxing, to the big fight fan who has everything – we’ve got you covered with our Christmas gift guide.

Even better is there is something available for all budgets, whether you are getting a little present for the office Secret Santa or going all out to impress with an extra special gift - so read on for ideas and inspiration.

The fan who has everything

Overcome the challenge of finding something new and exciting by putting together a bundle of ever useful products. Your loved one can level up their game with the Bravose mesh glove bag, which is made from durable mesh fabric to provide ventilation and help gloves stay fresh. Pop in a couple of little surprises in the form of the Bravose mouth guard, which comes with a free case, and the Bravose pro hand wraps, available in a choice of colours to suit their style.

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The seasoned fighter

A perfect gift for those with experience, the heavier Bravose Rebellion Pro sparring glove is the latest Bravose evolution due to the massive popularity of our Rebellion fight glove. Your loved one can become a rebel with a cause when they put on these gloves and sink into premium leather and a custom inner lining that offers a second-to-none level of comfort. Sleek design enables speed and power, while the multi-layered padding and extra wrist and thumb restriction delivers absolute protection.

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The keep fit fanatic

Give the gift of strength and endurance with the Bravose premium quality leather skipping rope. The thick and durable 9ft rope is fully adjustable making it perfect for any height, while the swivel technology ensures no tangles or kinks. Ideal for jumpers at all levels who want to burn serious calories, the ergonomic handles are crafted from quality wood with a traction control system for the ultimate grip.

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The young boxer

If you’re buying for a little one, give them the power to box without fear with the Bravose Fearless boxing glove. Designed to give smaller hands unrivalled protection, these gloves are made with an advanced mould foam and extra thumb protection. The hook and loop fastening combines ease of use with a snug fit to keep gloves firmly in place, while the high-quality PU synthetic leather finish comes in a range of metallic colourways.

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The serious trainer

When someone is serious about training hard, they need the equipment to match. Hit the mark in the Christmas gift game by delivering the Bravose Elite focus mitts, in premium white leather with a breathable mesh layer. The super-comfortable pads absorb the force of every strike, spreading impact evenly across the large surface area, while the firm inner grip and added wrist support give unrivalled protection. A trainer’s best friend, curved impact optimisation serves to create a loud noise upon connection, which will leave them in no doubt that they have hit the mark.

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