Time to focus - how to choose the best boxing pads

von {{ author }} Kate Rosindale an Sep 15, 2019

Time to focus - how to choose the best boxing pads TIME TO FOCUS - HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST BOXING PADS

You know what it will take to become the best boxer you can be: hard work, dedication, hundreds – if not thousands – of hours put in at the gym. There are no shortcuts. No overnight sensations.

But there are ways to speed up the process. There are those seemingly little tips and tricks that can deliver huge gains in your training and performance.

The biggest little tip we have got here at Bravose? Invest in the best focus mitts you can find.

Okay, so boxing gloves and head guards may be the most obvious pieces of equipment to research and invest in for maximising the results of boxing training.

Learning how to choose the best boxing gloves will help a fighter produce their best performance (and knowing how to clean and maintain them will mean they do this for longer). Meanwhile finding out what they need to know about boxing head guards will be their best bet for defence against head injuries.

You may be wondering what difference your choice of boxing pads can make to your success. Here we will explain what qualities to look for in a great pair of focus mitts, and exactly why these qualities are so important.

Back to basics

The first quality to look for in a pair of boxing pads should be comfortable and lightweight yet firm padding that will protect your hands from your training partner’s incoming punches.

Your focus mitts should absorb the force of each strike and spread it evenly across a large surface area. This will ensure that you not only get a great cardio workout, but you also have the best opportunity to help your partner improve their technique.

You can stay relaxed while taking the hits, and focus on what is happening before, during and after each punch in order to give feedback on timing and form.

All about the curves

The famous curves of a Diet Coke bottle or the iconic curvy shape of a 50s model have nothing on the curvature of a good focus mitt.

Curved impact optimisation serves to create a loud noise upon connection, leaving you in no doubt that you have hit the mark. The noise is a great way to help you measure how well you have connected with the focus mitt.

Plus, it has to be one of the most satisfying noises ever, and it is sure to keep you motivated throughout your training.

Just breathe

While you are in a position to take the hits on your boxing pads, you know you will be getting a tough workout.

Bearing the brunt of the force of another boxer’s punches requires steady hands, core strength and quick reactions. All of this is going to result in your heart rate rising and the sweat starting to pour.

This is where breathable focus mitts are non-negotiable. Not only will a mesh layer keep you cool, but it will also prolong the life of your boxing pads by helping to keep them clean and fresh.

Put you in your place

Whether you are punching at the focus mitts, or you are wearing them, there is nothing that can distract you more from training than a moving target.

All your focus needs to be on nailing your punches or giving your counterpart the best target you can. This is why it is so important for your boxing pads to lock into position, and a firm inner grip and added wrist support will help with this.

Flexible and easily adjustable Velcro strapping will also ensure your focus mitts remain firmly in place, no matter what your size.

Focus mitts from Bravose are designed to improve your speed, precision and balance – helping to make every punch count. A trainer’s best friend, our pads absorb whatever combination you throw at them to help build up your power and accuracy. Made with high-quality leather, our boxing pads will increase your chances of hitting the target. Shop Bravose focus mitts now to see our latest offers or check out our amazing package deals to get even more bang for your buck.