Use your head - what you need to know about boxing head guards

von {{ author }} Kate Rosindale an Jul 15, 2019

As a boxer, taking it on the chin is a physical way of life.

While the best defence against head injuries involves not getting hit, the second best – and more realistic – is choosing a high-quality boxing head guard.

A boxing head guard will help protect you from the type of injuries that can all too often get in the way of focussing on your training. As time goes on it will also reduce the total amount of impact delivered to your brain.

First up though let us emphasise what the experts say – that boxing is generally safe. The risk of injury exists just as much in sports like cycling. And in any such physically demanding discipline it is important to find the right protective equipment for you.

You would not dream of going ahead without your best boxing gloves to protect your hands, and the same should go for your boxing head guard. As well as reducing the chance of injury, protecting your head will allow you to focus on improving your speed, power, hand-eye coordination and fitness.

Boxing head guards will cradle and cushion the most sensitive areas of the head. Thick padding surrounding the head and cheeks will protect you without limiting airflow. Check out the Bravose range of boxing head guards and you will find 2.5cm depth V-Impact shock-absorbent foam padding to protect the areas most at risk.

Once you have got the protection right, it is vital that you make sure your boxing head guard fits like a glove. If not, it could slip and slide meaning you are not only lacking full protection, but you are also in danger of having a reduced range of vision. This would, of course, be a huge distraction from the task in hand.

To make sure you are buying the best boxing head guard – one that is going to give a custom-like fit – go for a style that allows for adjustments. Bravose boxing head guards boast easy-to-adjust hook and loop Velcro straps to ensure a snug and secure fit. In addition, our interior friction grip technology means the boxing head guard will not shift, so there will be no obscured views and no distractions.

Now you are strapped in but you still need to be confident that your mobility and range of motion will not be compromised. While there needs to be plenty of padding for protection, the last thing you need is a heavy and cumbersome boxing head guard slowing down your reactions.

For this reason, Bravose boxing headguards are made from premium materials in a light-weight design. The added bonus with this is that there will be zero added pressure on the neck, which could otherwise cause neck strain.

We know you go through rigorous training to be the best boxer you can be – and your protection and comfort are why we put our Bravose boxing head guards through rigorous testing procedures.

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