Brian Rose has called out Scott Fitzgerald after his win against James Hagenimana.

by Kate Rosindale on Apr 24, 2019

Brian Rose has called out Scott Fitzgerald after his win against James Hagenimana. - Bravose

The Lion took the Belgian 60-53 after a one-sided fight in Liverpool - and now he wants to give Lancashire its biggest ever night of boxing with a match up against Preston’s Fitzy.

Speaking exclusively to Bravose, Brian said: “I want a big fight next. I want to fight Scott Fitzgerald. He’s a good lad and a real talent but the fight makes sense. 

“I’d be very confident of beating Scott. Experience is key. I’ve done 10-12 rounds so many times with ease and I think that would be important in this fight.

“Fingers crossed this fight happens for the fans. It would be a great night - not just for Blackpool and Preston - but for the whole of Lancashire. 

“I want it, Eddie Hearn wants it, The Mad Man wants it, and more importantly the local fans want it, so there’s absolutely no reason why this fight shouldn’t happen next.

“I’ve given Blackpool and the Fylde Coast some great nights of boxing, so I’d love to give the biggest night of boxing we’ve had locally in years, if not ever.”

The Lion is obviously feeling good after his victory against Hagenimana.

He said: “I felt positive and very confident going into the fight as I knew I was levels above the kid I was fighting. I prepared properly so there was only ever going to be one outcome.

“I knocked him down in the first round and hurt him bad, but because I did that he went very negative and wouldn’t commit so I found it hard to force the stoppage. Instead I found myself practising a few things and just boxing to instructions. I really enjoyed it.”

Talking about how he prepared for meeting Hagenimana, Brian said: “I met a man called Eric Huerta in LA. He did my nutrition and is going to help me cut to get down another weight division to 11 stone.

“I have a food prep company called Macros that work very closely with my nutritionist and coach Bobby Rimmer, and together it’s a great team.

“I also met my strength coach Paul Herrera in LA. He did an amazing job making me strong but still cutting weight.

"My first camp with these guys worked perfectly and believe I will only go from strength to strength.”

While The Lion continues to believe sacrifice is key to success, it turns out he likes to celebrate victories a little differently these days.

“It’s always good to win, especially after a lot of hard work and sacrifices.

“My wife was having contractions so I had to rush home after the fight. I used to want to go and party but things change when you have a family. Now I go home and party with the kids instead!”

It’s family first for Brian, who says one way or another he will achieve his goal for them.

“With training in LA, I spent eight weeks away from my pregnant wife and two children, Oscar and Penelope. It was hard but all worthwhile. In the end I’m doing it to give them a better life.

“I promised I’d be a champion this year and I will be. Whether it’s Fitzy or not, I will win a title this year.”