How to choose the best boxing gloves

by Kate Rosindale on May 06, 2019

How to choose the best boxing gloves

In sport, it’s not just the competitor’s ability that matters, it’s also the equipment they use. Nowhere is this truer than with the boxing equipment used in the gym or the ring. In particular, gloves are a crucial piece of boxing gear that a fighter needs to get right prior to training or fighting. Choosing the best boxing gloves will help a fighter produce their best performance. Here are some points to think about when choosing your next pair of boxing gloves, whether they be men’s boxing gloves, ladies’ boxing gloves, bag gloves, sparring gloves or training gloves.

Size matters

Boxing gloves come in a range of sizes measured in ‘oz’, which is an abbreviation of ‘ounce’, a British unit of measurement used worldwide for boxing gloves. Bravose boxing gloves can be purchased in size 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz and 16 oz. The size in oz represents the weight of the glove, and therefore its amount of padding and the level of protection it offers. Generally speaking, beginners choose heavier boxing gloves for extra protection, while professionals compete with lightweight boxing gloves.  

08 oz: Lightweight; used by professionals for fighting and competitions
10 oz: Help with speed; used for light pad and bag work and all round training
12 oz: Good protection; more commonly used for training on pads or sparring
14 oz:  Good protection and light enough not to tire out arms; can be used for all round training or sparring, especially by lighter fighters
16 oz: Heavily padded, large boxing gloves; the gym standard for sparring for heavier boxers

What are you made of?

Polyurethane (PU) leather is an artificial alternative to leather, making it a more ethical choice of material for vegans or anyone else concerned about animal welfare. Less expensive than leather, you may find these boxing gloves are slightly less durable than leather too – however they are great for fitness boxing. Real leather tends to be a better option as it lasts longer due to its strength and durability. Leather boxing gloves will gradually mould to your hand shape and grow with you to become like a second skin. This can however take a little bit of time, meaning your first few sessions in them may be less than perfect.   The Bravose range of boxing gloves boasts both options, so you can choose the best material for your needs. For instance, Bravose Alpha boxing gloves are made from PU synthetic leather, while our Titan Grip boxing gloves come in real leather.

Fasten yourself in

As with footwear, laces on boxing gloves will ensure a really snug fit. They are the more traditional style of fight glove and are what you will see on professional fighters. Be aware that although they provide more wrist support, they are tricky to do up alone. Boxing gloves with Velcro straps generally tie around the wrist via a hook and loop system. This gives a tight fit and more importantly you can put them on and take them off on your own, without needing anyone’s help. You can find both fastening options in the Bravose range of boxing gloves. For instance, the Bravose Elite boxing gloves range features a choice of lace up (Elite Pro BR-10), or hook and loop Velcro straps (Elite Premium).

Get the thumbs up

An important feature of the best boxing gloves is thumb protection. This helps to prevent thumb injuries on the fighter and any accidental gouges or cuts to the eye of the opponent.   All Bravose boxing gloves boast extra thumb protection by restricting thumb movement and ensuring knuckles take the full force of punches instead. Check out our Armour boxing gloves to see an example of the extra thumb protection we provide.