Thanksgiving 2021: Boxing appreciation post

by Kate Rosindale on Nov 15, 2021

Thanksgiving 2021: Boxing appreciation post

We know, we know. Thanksgiving isn’t even a thing here in the United Kingdom – but there is just something about the whole idea of taking time out to show appreciation that appeals to us here at Bravose.

And what better topic for us to be grateful for than our first love and reason for being, the wonderful sport of boxing?

Here we list our top six reasons to give thanks for boxing.

Reason to be thankful #1: Witness the fitness

Boxing provides an amazing cardiovascular workout that can help participants maintain a healthy weight and improve fitness, muscle tone and endurance. It is also an exercise that builds strength in joints and bones, particularly in the upper body, which is important as we age.

Agility, core stability, coordination and balance are all developed through the skills involved in boxing, including punching and footwork.

Reason to be thankful #2: Shiny happy people

Boxing is a brilliant way to relieve any stress in your body and mind. The mere act of hitting a bag or your training partner’s focus mitts can feel great as a way to release negative emotions such as anger.

Not only that but the physical intensity involved in boxing will ensure you experience the well-known power of exercise to stabilise mood and produce feelings of wellbeing and happiness, thanks to the release of serotonin in the brain.


Reason to be thankful #3: I am the one and only

Sport in general is a fantastic way to develop and show off your own unique personality, and nowhere is this truer than with boxing. Creating your own fighting style is part of the fun of training, whether you favour an aggressive approach, enjoy unleashing a signature right hook, or are simply known for your southpaw stance.

The cherry on top is of course being able to choose gloves and accessories in your favourite colours and designs.

Reason to be thankful #4: All together now

Boxing is a participation sport that everybody can get involved with. You don’t even have to venture inside a ring if you don’t want to – all the health benefits are available from simply enjoying the training aspect.

The sport is becoming increasingly inclusive, with professional fighters standing up for causes such as Black Lives Matter, the female sport developing, and the popularity of wheelchair boxing also growing.


Reason to be thankful #5: Let me entertain you

Boxing is one the most popular sports in the world. Why? Well, it isn’t just the skill, energy and spirit of the fight itself that entertains fans, it’s the pre-match hype and build up too. Fighters calling each other out, trash talking, rising temperatures during weigh ins – it all adds to the excitement that occurs once that bell rings.

Large and passionate crowds add to the emotion, with many fans travelling thousands of miles to watch their favourite boxer.

Reason to be thankful #6: Hall of fame

Speaking of favourite boxers, boxing has gifted us some of the most iconic sportspeople of all time – often loved and sometimes hated but always memorable in their own way.

Many fighters have transcended the world of boxing to achieve fame across the whole sporting landscape and even cross over into popular culture, none more so than Muhammad Ali. During his career Ali became a beloved icon, and remains so to this day.