Five of the best mental health benefits of boxing

von {{ author }} Kate Rosindale an Jun 15, 2022

Five of the best mental health benefits of boxing

We know that boxing is a super popular workout with people of all ages and abilities who use its fat burning benefits to create strong and lean physiques. 

But boxing can help to strengthen and balance the mind, in addition to simply increasing physical power.

This means boxing can be a great tool to help in the fight against a range of health conditions, including anxiety and depression. 

Here we take a look at five of the most powerful benefits that boxing can bring to your mental health.


1. You are not alone 

More often than not, when you are boxing there will be at least one other person involved.

It could be a formal sparring partner, or someone you pair up with for pad work, but no matter the situation there is no denying that training with others is a powerful motivation tool. 

Add to that the fact that working out in groups has been shown to reduce loneliness, and the social support benefits of boxing really come into their own.

2. Mindful moments

When you are boxing, you have very little choice but to fully concentrate and be present in the moment. 

It is a fast and fun sport, and the need to be 100 per cent focused on the task at hand means boxing will make you switch off completely from what’s going on in the outside world. 

This time away will give you the opportunity to come back to any issues refreshed, and often with a brand new view on the situation.


3. Believe in you

Boxing has the ability to help you build self-esteem and confidence in abundance.

The sense of achievement you get from completing a great boxing workout can make you fee mentally powerful, like you could take on any challenges the world might decide to throw at you.

Skills such as finding your style and working out your opponents can be used in life outside the ring, whether that be in professional or personal situations.

4. No stress

Boxing is a fantastic form of stress relief. 

In much the same way that any exercise of a certain intensity will cause the brain to increase endorphin production, boxing works to create feel good thoughts. 

In addition to this, the act of punching is excellent for relieving tension that can be stored in your muscles – not to mention it is a chance to express any aggression in a safe way, aiding you in the fight to overcome any negative feelings.

5. Know yourself

Boxing involves more than throwing a set of random punches.

It’s a strategic sport reminiscent of dance in the way different moves can be combined in an endless number of combinations – it’s just that, instead of a ball change or a pirouette, it’s a hook or a jab that’s performed. 

As you go through years of practise and perseverance to develop your own special style, you will begin to recognise how your brain works and reacts - which is a very powerful thing to understand.