Boxing gloves for the advanced-level fighter

Jul 15, 2021

Bravose offers a huge range of boxing glove options for all levels of boxer, from beginner to mid-level to advanced.

It is important to consider the level at which you are operating when purchasing boxing gloves, not only to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck, but also to guarantee you have the right level of comfort and protection needed.

If you are training or competing at a more advanced level then you will be looking for features such as our top grain premium cowhide leather finish, and advanced multi-layered padding.

Here we take you through the Bravose range of boxing gloves for advanced and mid-level/advanced fighters.

Advanced – for sparring and fighting

Unleash the beast with Felis Onca

Just like a real-life jaguar, the Felis Onca glove packs a powerful bite.

Crafted from premium metallic blue leather, and with a custom comfort lining, these gloves allow you to form a fierce fist ready for landing the perfect punch.

Multi-layered padding complements the restricted hinge movement around the wrist, and a leather attachment provides added thumb security.

All this advanced protection helps absorb impact to hands, ensuring you’ll always come out top of the food chain.

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Start a revolution from the ring with Rebellion

Satisfy the rebel within you with the Rebellion boxing glove. 

Pristine white premium leather and a stylish lace-up fastening will mean your influence is felt by friends and foes alike.

Pure protection comes from multi-layered padding, plus extra wrist and thumb restriction, while the sleek design guarantees power and speed.

With incredible comfort as a non-negotiable thanks to the custom inner lining, you’ll be disrupting the game for years to come.

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Mid-level/advanced – for bag and sparring

Be one in a million with Platinum

Make like a million-selling rock star and go Platinum for your next glove.

With a handmade multi-layered mould, these premium black leather gloves give you the ultimate in shock absorption when hitting hard.

Advanced safety features include a leather attachment to keep thumbs snug and secure, while a custom inner lining guarantees incredible comfort.

The ultra-wide hook and loop strap will keep your wrists extra secure, so you can box safe in the knowledge you’re protecting what’s precious.

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Rule the boxing cosmos with Titan Grip 2

Fit for the power of a Greek god, the Titan Grip 2 boxing glove is the next evolution.

The premium black leather finish boasts flashes of gold to help you shine like a true warrior in the ring.

Enjoy comprehensive support with resilient wrist and thumb protection, while revelling in the ultimate comfort of the custom inner lining.

With angled lace wrist protection backed by a single-piece durable IMF mould, you can be brave in your punches knowing total resilience is yours.

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Join the fiesta with Valiante Pro

Emulate the heart and soul of Mexican boxing with the Valiante Pro Series glove.

Delivering unrivalled protection for fists, wrists and thumbs, you can unleash your offensive aggression while letting the premium leather glove defend your hands.

With a lace up fastening and colourway inspired by Mexico, these gloves will optimise your speed and performance.

Customised multi-layered padding allows you to create a true fist impression that will seek and destroy opponents.

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Be the special one with Elite Pro

Become the superior boxer you were born to be with the Elite Pro BR-10 glove.

Hand-stitched premium leather in a choice of classic white or black adapts to the shape of your fist giving unbeatable comfort.

The lace up closing system guarantees a super secure fit, and premium padding keeps you comfortable without sacrificing swiftness or flexibility.

With reinforced foam cuffs, you can be assured of next-level injury prevention in your pursuit of perfection.

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